Technical Services

Transco Power has a testing and commissioning capability for protection and control systems for low and high voltage electrical transmission and generation installations.

To complement that capability Transco Power offers tailored maintenance services for the mining, oil and gas, infrastructure and power generation sectors.

Testing and Commissioning

Optimal performance for any facility is dependent upon effective initial commissioning. Transco Power undertakes a series of methodical and exhaustive tests prior to the facility going live. Risk management protocols are strictly adhered to in order to achieve operational targets.

Transco Power’s testing and commissioning capabilities are managed by its leadership team and carried out by highly qualified and experienced technicians.


Transco Power’s maintenance regimes control costs, minimise operational risk and prolong the life of the facility.

Tailored preventative and re-active maintenance programs are designed to be cost effective and meet Australian industry best practice and statutory requirements.

An integral part of scheduled maintenance programs is the measurement of the clients’ set performance targets and the associated process improvement recommendations.

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