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Transco Power was established in 2013 by Craig Conlon to service the needs of the mining, oil and gas, and infrastructure Industries. Transco Power has completed major projects in New South Wales, Queensland, and Mongolia in the Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, and renewables sectors and is a licenced Electrical Contractor in both New South Wales and Queensland.

Transco Power has recently secured new road infrastructure projects in NSW including work with CDSJV on the WestConnex New M5 tunnel.

Transco Power specialises in electrical and instrumentation solutions by offering a range of discreet services including detailed design, project management, procurement and installation, maintenance and plant hire services tailored to each application.

Design capability is not just limited to the development of detail design and as-built documentation. Transco Power regularly works closely with customers throughout the design development phase to ensure that innovative constructability ideas are incorporated and that design coordination is effective. Transco Power alleviates the time and cost impacts of last minute design development if engaged early in the process (ECI).

Project Management & Execution are key Transco Power strengths, with an extensive list of high performers either part of the leadership team or available to join at short notice. Transco Power has been mobilising large teams of tradesmen in both local and remote locations since inception. The Transco Power business model relies on a highly productive and motivated workforce to get the job done.

Quality management and safety play an important part in the projects’ success. Transco Power can provide customers with expertise to perform quality inspections and verification throughout the manufacturing, logistics and construction cycles, including MQA, FATs, SAT and CQA.

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