Health & Safety

Transco Power believes that without compromise, responsible health and safety management is an essential element of its responsibility to its employees, contractors, clients and the community.

Transco Power underwrites its responsibility and commitment to providing a safe workplace through the following actions:

Adopting an effective risk management approach to health and safety by identifying and managing the risk exposures of the projects in close consultation with the clients

Identifying, monitoring and complying with applicable health and safety laws, codes, standards and other regulatory obligations

Setting clear and measurable objectives for the projects to ensure continual improvement and to facilitate the objective of Zero Incidents and Accidents

Communicating health and safety data to all persons in the workplace and the provision of health and safety training, instruction and supervision to all relevant personnel

Ensuring that where multiple contractors work simultaneously on site the safety of all personnel at that site is supported by the Safety Management System of the head contractor

Maintaining a zero tolerance policy on the use of drugs and alcohol in the work place

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